Dung Kai Cheung / 董啟章 – Age of Learning

Dung Kai-cheung is an award-winning Hong Kong-born Chinese writer. He has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong. He is a prolific author with many published works. The Age of Learning makes him one of the three winners of the 2010 Next Big Thing election. At the moment, Dung mainly engages in writing and teaching writing in leisure.

Photo provided by Dung Kai Cheung

Where’s he now?

Mr Dung Kai Cheung is now teaching writing at the University of Hong Kong in leisure. Apart from that, he devotes most of his time writing the sequel of The Age of Learning in Hong Kong.

What has he been working on the past year?

Dung has been writing and also rewriting the sequel of the Age of Learning. Parts of the sequel have been finished years ago and some of them are now being rewritten. Dung is also pondering how to keep on finishing the sequel. He said his idea for the squeal was very complicated and involved ‘several levels or “sound departments”’ and it probably would take 2 to 3 years to have the sequel completed. Apart from focusing on the sequel, Dung had also taken part in the 2011 Taipei Book Fair in February.

What is on the horizon?

Dung said he had no specific plan for the coming year. Apart from teaching, he said he hoped he could turn down all other affairs and focus on his writing.

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