The Illustrated Maps – Tania Willis

The take off

Tania’s journeys of imagination take off from Lantau Island, where her home and studio are. She studied at the Royal College of Art and moved to Hong Kong from London 17 years ago. Now in Hong Kong, she hopes to broaden the minds of us with her illustrations.

Tiny maps, enormous creativity

Within Tania’s colorful maps convey her individuality and originality. Innovative maps set her illustrations away from typical and boring maps. With younger target audiences, her maps are less informative yet much more interesting and broadening to look at. Over this year, Tania has dedicated herself in drawing travel guides for children. KidsGo! is one of her most recent project in which she mapped out significant sightseeing areas and kid-friendly places in those cities using enlarged symbols. The aim is to keep children entertained as well as letting children plan where they want to go and work out a route on their own. During July, some of these images taken from the KidsGo! travel guides were exhibited in Kapok, a small artistic shop in Wan Chai.

Bon Voyage!

In the future, Tania will further establish her printing company– “small editions”. She also wishes to do a Lantau Island map for her children, for there are many historical and environmental issues in Lantau Island that are worth our concerns.

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