Hulu Culture / 文化葫蘆

A Hong Kong non-profit cultural organization that aims to preserve local heritage while inspiring creativity that is unique to our city. “Hong Kong may be part of China, but its culture is so much different than that in Chinese cities,” said Iman Fok, Executive Director and Chief Curator of Hulu Culture. “Hong Kong is an intersection of Chinese and western culture – this mixed culture creates a localization of culture – and Hulu believes that this is Hong Kong’s most important asset.”


Second Heritage X Art X Design Walk in Sham Shui Po this summer

Hulu Culture, a Hong Kong non-profit cultural organization, has on the table the second Heritage X Art X Design Walk, where students create design products with the unique Sham Shui Po touch, and show them off in the exhibition during July and August in the Jockey Club Creative Arts Center.

“This exhibition series is themed around a different district each time,” said Iman Fok, Executive Director and Chief Curator of Hulu Culture. “The idea is to showcase the distinctive characteristics of each district, have artists develop related art, and show how local culture is actually an invaluable industry of Hong Kong. ”

Hulu Culture believes that the preservation of local heritage is fundamental to the creative industry in Hong Kong, and has centered their exhibitions around this idea. The first of the Heritage X Art X Design Walk launched in the Former Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters focusing on the Central District and Sheung Wan. Its activities included cultural tours, workshops, and showcasing design products to demonstrate the individuality of the district.

“Hulu really wants more people to understand the community’s culture through these exhibitions,” said Fok. “Through allowing people to explore the district, and through workshops where students use their own creativity to represent the district.”

The organization also did subject-oriented exhibitions last year, as opposed to district-oriented ones. The Look of Hong Kong Homes & Households in 40 Years Exhibition explained Hong Kong’s cultural changes through home displays, furnitures, and decorations.  The Food Arts Festival 2010 「味不可言」展覽 used the basic tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy – to make sense of the complicated and sensual Hong Kong food culture.

Despite its success, Hulu Culture has no plan of stopping. “The Heritage X Arts X Design Walk has received such positive feedback,” said Fok. “We hope to cover all 18 districts in the coming years.”

Other future plans include an exhibition that showcases Hong Kong’s traditional craftsmanship and handicrafts.


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