Hong Kong Photo Festival

Hong Kong Photo Festival is organized by a charity organization called the Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association. It is a large-scale function that held once every two years.

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Current situation

The Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association is consisted of 19 top photographers in Hong Kong. The aim of the festival is to provide a platform for photographers and citizens to interflow shooting techniques. Besides, in order to raise the standard of photo quality and build up a desirable culture, the Association focuses on fostering professional art administrators.


Last year, the Association has arranged a wide variety of photographic theme exhibition, including diving world, birds and astronomy, etc.

Apart from the Hong Kong Festival 2010, the Association has carried out a series of campaign for public. For example, the 3rd Annual Photo Equipment Flea Market for promoting the lastest camera and updated shooting skills. It was a successful function which effectively promote the idea of weekend activity.

What’s more, the Association concern about the development of Hong Kong teenagers as well. In December 2010,  a Photography Exhibition named《80± ─ post-80s in the eyes of post-80s》is held to reveal the perspective of post 80s towards Hong Kong culture through their camera lens.

Future plan

In the coming future, a fans club will be set up for photopholic. Members of the fans club will gain a chance to interact with experts and masters in this field. Regular meetings will be held for discussion purpose as well. Moreover, in November 2011, there will be a worldwide pinhole photo festival to display interesting and unique photos from different countries.


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