The Street Music Series

Background information

It’s not hard to come over a group of artists, singers, bands and audiences who are fascinated at music when you pass by Arts Center on the third Friday night of every month. It’s The Street Music Series. Ever since the first live performance in May, 2009, Kung has never stopped inviting various artists for outdoor live show. This is all because he would like to bring numerous pieces of non-commercial music to Hong Kongers.


Where are they now? What have they been work on the past year?

“We had artists from different places world, such as Canada, Switzerland, etc. If the budget is affordable, I’ll try to bring different kinds of music to the stage since I truly believe that music is like a sea, which includes a lot more kinds of music with various styles and culture behind,” Kung said. Apart from the monthly performance, Kung had indeed worked with different community organizations and district councils and co-organized some live shows. “One of the elements of music is surprise; I’d like to bring the audiences some music pieces that are totally unexpected. So that the audiences will no longer acquaint with music limited to those commonly known music types,” Kung continued. Music and cultural exchange are not just unilateral; Kung had been the speakers of talks in Baptist University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University, he shared his ambitious and passion towards music with professors and students. During the talks, he had discussed a number of academic issues with the audiences.


What are their future plans?

“There will be to main goals I’d like to achieve in the coming year. Firstly, I would like to introduce street music to Tin Shui Wai District, concerning the problem of rich and poor is really serious, I don’t wish this will block the local music development in that district, especially the young generation. At least, I hope I can provide a platform for them to get to know more about music. Apart from that, I do have an intention to form a street orchestral, because the classical music seems to be a bit disconnected with modern society. Let’s imagine, if there’s a performance of Mozart’s music pieces in Sai Yeung Choi Street, that instant wave of shock and surprise brought about to the  local communities will be such amazing and meaningful. What I want to do is simply to provide more choices to Hong Kongers,’ Kung concluded.



What is on the horizon?

The Street Music Series aims at providing a different kind of platform for non-commercial music. The music we’ve selected for this event combines the elements of innovation, art and entertainment, with styles ranging from alternative pop, to free improvisation, experimental music, and classical music. Compared to other outdoor concert events, Street Music Series has a unique mission: to nurture a street music culture and enhance the interaction between musicians and the community.

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